What is the difference between an original iPhone screen and an aftermarket iPhone screen?

Original iPhone screen or aftermarket. What is the difference and which is the better choice for me?

The short answer in the difference: Quality.

If your screen breaks, you want nothing less than the finest level of service to get yourself back on track. We feel that many of our new clients have been disappointed in the past by using alternatives that do not come with the same quality because there’s no way to know what you’re getting until it breaks (again). You’ve undoubtedly experienced this sensation when something goes wrong with your iPhone so soon after getting it repaired! We want to give you complete confidence from beginning to end during this process.

At iCorrect, we’ve researched iPhone screen technology for many years. We understand how the screen is made and why it communicates with the iPhone in the way it does. We only offer you the options of the best quality for your screen repair. There are a lot of poor quality screens on the market which are unfortunately being fitted to iPhones every day (nothing angers us more as a company). One quick way of spotting this is; if a company offers you an option of having an LCD screen fitted to an iPhone which was originally designed to have an OLED. Putting an LCD screen on an iPhone which should have an OLED screen is like putting diesel fuel in your petrol car.

Our aftermarket OLED screen uses soft OLED technology, similar to that of the original screen. But the microchip which controls the screen is an aftermarket microchip. The microchip on your screen translates your touch which is an analouge signal into a digital signal for your iPhone to understand. The microchip in the iPhone 11 and newer models is paired to the iPhone itself. After an aftermarket screen repair the iPhone will display a message on boot which says: ‘Unable to verify this iPhone has a genuine Apple display’. This message exists because the iPhone is unable to read the information stored on the microchip on the display. (The message is a little misleading).

An original screen replacement is the closest you will get to a repair by the Apple store. The micro components which control the screen are the biggest difference between our original screen and aftermarket. In the iPhone 11 and newer we transfer this chip, through microsoldering, from your old screen to your new screen to confirm perfect touch calibration with our original screen repairs.

Original screens have been tested, tried and proven to work best. Quality is key when you’re talking about something as important as the screen on your iPhone. We cover both options of screen repair with our one year warranty for faults.

Which is the best for you? We’d always recommend staying with an original screen but our aftermarket option is a good alternative. Ready to book your repair? Choose your iPhone on the following page to being: https://icorrect.co.uk/repair